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Only girls know Y^Y help me girlss by MzPsGirl

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Comments on "Only girls know Y^Y help me girlss " by MzPsGirl

MzPsGirl8 days ago

MY stomach MAKE IT GO AWAYYY T^T but there's no cure for thisssss AHHHHH T^T help me girls

Rizabuggles8 days ago

your own your own. just stock up on plan B

StarryNight8 days ago

Ahh, period pains, huh.

I have painkillers that I use for when I have them (I got them from my doctor :D)

If you don't have those, the best you can do is get a heating pad, taking a hot/warm shower or bath, etc.

As you have your period, avoid anything sweet because they 100% make the pain worse (If you can't resist, try to minimize the amount of sweet things you eat).

Try to drink teas or a lot of water while you're at it :)

I hope I could help!

MzPsGirl8 days ago

OMG thx soo much @StarryNight :D I only drank some tea/coffee xD it helps now it went away thx u again :D

StarryNight7 days ago

Np! :)

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