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*snaps neck* by Asmodeus

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Comments on "*snaps neck*" by Asmodeus

Asmodeus8 days ago

Have you ever seen those people that sit on the benches in the park and throw crumbs at pigeons for them to eat?

Well have you seen anyone ever rip pieces off their KFC chicken wings and feed them to the birds? That was me in the 4th grade.

StarryNight8 days ago


I used to feed birds chips when I was 9 or 10, I hope they're still alive-

ani8 days ago


Undead_Boi8 days ago


Undead_Boi8 days ago

I fed my parrot energy tablets and it got death by cat

StarryNight7 days ago

As a cat, I can say that energy tablets do in fact attract cats. (/j)

but on a more serious note, poor parrot D:

Asmodeus7 days ago

feel the crunch

Ai-2 days ago

I’m in the fetal position

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