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Im Here Shark, Dont Worry <:> <3 by DeliriumVec

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Comments on "Im Here Shark, Dont Worry <:> <3" by DeliriumVec

Ahem*, so uh guys i seen shark didnt feel very well.. and i just wanna say.

Look shark I'm here for you, anything that pulled you down to make you this sad, depressed, down, please don't let it hurt you just forget it I know how you feel I've Had this before and i wont let it happen to you, your literally amazing your animations your drawings, you can make shows out of anyof this

not just shows, money and i mean like alot, dont let anyone tell you "eww this gurl is so bad" Because your not, keep doing these things and you become a better person in life

promise :)

I know you're talking to shark but this helps me too

And i love how much you're trying to help. But

I think she's sleeping atm

so please just dont let anyone make a sad emotion out of you, just do what makes you feel the way you always smile

Also i see you're new here, welcome!

a happy person cause thats what you are :>

and thank you but im not new..

I mean, 12 days is kinda new to me.

I've been here for almost 2 years so i'm basically an og

mk.. lemme check\

"for a year" ._.

I said almost.

i can't remember.

but when i seen shark sad i was kinda about to cry.

"make me happy for once", That speech just makes me sad, i have a warm heart so i cry sometimes.

and i hope she sees it i feel mad worried :<

For some reason i relate, I'm almost never happy.

But Shark is a great friend of mine, probably everyone.

We try our best to help. We're a huge community.




I didn't want you guys to worry-

but thank you-

I don't want to include you-

into my mess

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