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my grade dropped to a 48 by AshRose

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Comments on "my grade dropped to a 48" by AshRose

AshRose11 days ago

i could have done the work i was supposed to on friday and get all my things back but no. why am i so freaking stupid

Onyx11 days ago

dont be so hard on yourself we all make mistakes. i believe in you luvvy

AshRose11 days ago

thanks but

i still hate myself for that

FoxSpirit11 days ago

Ik what it feels like... I dunno what to say to make you feel better, but just dont let grades change the awesome person you are. Grades dont define your intelligence.

StarryNight11 days ago


Grades don't really mean anything, people label you with it for no reason. You're a great person, don't let anyone or anything tell what you are or aren't.

However, it is a good idea to have your grades go up. Just try. If things get hard, just ask for help.

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