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i learned more of clair de lune on sky!! by AshRose

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Comments on "i learned more of clair de lune on sky!!" by AshRose

jessOWO15 days ago

whas clair de lune? I feel like lune is moon?

AshRose15 days ago

clair de lune is a classical song-

jessOWO15 days ago

I noticed that lune sounds like luna which means moon so it has something to do with M O O N

Firestar15 days ago

I can play clair de lune on clarinet but its not good

BubblesFlew15 days ago

@jessOWO it literally means moonlight

jessOWO15 days ago


sirpotato14 days ago

I can do Clair de lune on my Viola, it's a fun song.

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