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Algolia brainrot by Misanthropic_Panda

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  • Created: 3 days ago
  • Last updated: 3 days ago
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  • Length: 16 frames, 8s
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Comments on "Algolia brainrot" by Misanthropic_Panda

BubblesFlew3 days ago

i reall wishh i was in this but im a freaking dog near the end

So... is this an introduction to the characters in an upcoming animation you are making?


some of them, yes :) this is something to help me remember what the characters are supposed to wear

BubblesFlew3 days ago

if ur gonna add my im golden retriever mixed with border collie and i burp bubblez

alrighty :D

Onyx3 days ago

Your art style is just

Chefs kiss

mcoward213 days ago

i know

FoxSpirit3 days ago


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